ANA Participation in the 6th European Aniridia Conference

Part of ANA’s vision is to coordinate and synergize its activities and efforts with Aniridia Europe and other international organizations to provide more effective support and affiliations for the global aniridia community. In pursuit of that vision, representatives from ANA were honored to be invited and to participate in the 6th European Aniridia Conference, which was hosted by the Asociación Española de Aniridia in San Juan de Alicante, Spain in June of 2022.

Picture is of 2 people standing next to each other, then a sign, then 2 more people.  From left is Jim Lauderdale, Kelly Trout, the 6th European Aniridia Conference sign, Shari Krantz, and Peter Netland.
A large gropup of 28 people from different patient organizations throughout Europe, as well as a few ANA board members.
Above: Representatives from European patient organizations and ANA representatives

Left: Jim Lauderdale, Kelly Trout, Shari Krantz, and Peter Netland represented ANA

Right: Shari Krantz, Galina Gening, Denise Toews, and Kelly Trout enjoyed strengthening their connections and discussing collaborations
4 women stand in a row with the conference sign behind them.  From left, Shari Krantz (ANA), Galina Gening (Russia), Denise Toews (Germany), and Kelly Trout (ANA).

ANA Board members participated in this important conference in multiple ways. They

  • joined representatives of Aniridia Europe patient organizations in meetings to discuss mutual goals and initiatives
  • strengthened existing collaborative relationships while also networking to form new ones
  • listened to presentations from various experts regarding current research in the aniridia sphere
  • gave formal presentations during the conference on three different subjects, which can be viewed below.
Jim Lauderdale gave a presentation entitled “Structural and functional consequences of PAX6 mutations in the brain: implications for aniridia.” This addressed the fact that mutations in PAX6 affect more than just the eye–in addition to visual problems, individuals with PAX6 mutations often exhibit a decreased sense of smell, altered ability to process auditory and other sensory information, and have changes in endocrine and metabolism functions.
Peter Netland’s presentation, titled “Aniridic Glaucoma: Mechanisms and Management, including MIGS“, addressed the causes of glaucoma in Aniridia and highlighted new treatment approaches for patients with Aniridia.  
Kelly Trout’s presentation, entitled “Overcoming barriers and accelerating research: Lessons from the WAGR Syndrome Patient Registry” addressed the need for patient registries and the important information that can be learned from them.

The remainder of the presentations given during this two-day conference can be viewed on the website for the 6th European Aniridia conference.

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