2023 ANA Symposium: A Patient-Focused Summary of Presentations

The 2023 ANA Symposium:  PAX6, Aniridia, and Beyond was held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, September 29-October 1. The meeting was attended by scientists, clinicians, and representatives of patient advocacy organizations.  

This scientific meeting provided the most in-depth assessment to date of the role of PAX6 and other eye genes involved in aniridia and related congenital eye disorders. Presenters at the meeting are among the world’s leading experts in these areas. 

Much like a group working together to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, progress in understanding and treating aniridia is a collective effort, with each person contributing unique perspectives and skills. During this meeting, each speaker contributed a piece to reveal unexpected features of the aniridia puzzle. 

As a result, exciting new ideas about treating aniridia and related genetic-based eye disorders were considered, especially concerning the cornea, lens, and glaucoma.  Equally important were the new collaborations developed between attendees. 

Image is an Eye shape with an iris made out of Puzzle pieces.  The puzzle pieces are labeled Clinical Care, Aniridia-Related Conditions, PAX6 Function, Eye Development, General Eye disorders, Research Models, and Genetics.

To read a patient-focused summary of presentations, see how each speaker’s presentation fits into the aniridia puzzle, and learn about important takeaways in patient-friendly terms, click one of the images below to download the full document.   

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English – Enlarged Print

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