2022 In Review

Black rectangle at top that says "2022 In Review" with ANA Logo. Underneath that, the words "Represent, Serve, Support" are in a light blue rectangle. Under the "Represent" word, there are three things listed with graphics for each; 1) Presented at the 6th European Aniridia Conference 2) Participated in Global Aniridia Day Webinar 3) Attended WAGR Weekend. Under "Serve", these three things are listed: 1)3000 website views, 2) Launched Webinar series, and 3) Created YouTube Channel. Under "Support", 1) Published Patient Overview 2021 ANA symposium, 2) Formed Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, and 3) Created Facebook Page. At the bottom of the page is the ANA Mission: Represent, serve and support the North American community of persons affected by aniridia and their families, patient advocacy organizations, and clinicians and scientists.

ANA Completes First Year as Non-profit Organization

2022 was Aniridia North America’s first calendar year after receiving its 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS. Recently, the Board of Directors met for their annual in-person meeting to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year, and to develop a strategic plan for 2023.

Logo - Outline of an eye, with ANA in the middle and Aniridia North America underneath

Aniridia North America
106 W. Calendar Ave
Suite 122
LaGrange, IL 60525

Aniridia North America is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States.

EIN: 86-2917141

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