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Focal Point – Episode 2 – Glaucoma in Aniridia, Part 2

Focal Point is a webinar series presented by Aniridia North America. This is the second episode, with a focus of Glaucoma in Aniridia. Dr. Peter Netland joins Janelle Collins to give an overview of Glaucoma and to answer a multitude of frequently asked questions that were not covered in episode 1.

Logo - Outline of an eye, with ANA in the middle and Aniridia North America underneath

ANIRIDIA NORTH AMERICA Created as US Nonprofit Organization

The recent creation of a new nonprofit organization, Aniridia North America (ANA), has been announced by its founding Board of Directors.  Aniridia North America is a charitable organization created to represent, serve, and support the North American community of persons affected by aniridia and their families, patient advocacy organizations, and clinicians and scientists. ANA was …

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Banner showing information about 2021 ANA Symposium

ANA To Host Scientific Symposium Dedicated To PAX6 and Aniridia

Charlottesville, Virginia – The newly formed Aniridia North America (ANA) announces its first event to strengthen and expand research focused on aniridia and related problems. The 2021 Aniridia North America Symposium: PAX6, Aniridia, and Beyond will bring together top researchers from North America and around the world. This meeting, like its predecessor, the 2019 John …

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A large group of people who attended the 2019 Symposium. They are standing in front of one of the historic buildings at UVA.

2019 John F. Anderson Symposium: PAX6, Aniridia & Beyond

The following notes were taken by Kelly Trout, BSN, RN, at the 2019 John F Anderson Symposium. Kelly is Director, Research and Medical Advocacy for the International WAGR Syndrome Association. Please note that many of the presentations involved “basic science” research on how the eye develops before and after birth, often using animal models, rather …

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Logo - Outline of an eye, with ANA in the middle and Aniridia North America underneath

Aniridia North America
106 W. Calendar Ave
Suite 122
LaGrange, IL 60525

Aniridia North America is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States.

EIN: 86-2917141

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