Infographic with title: 2023 In Review and ANA logo Under the "Represent" column are graphics for the following: Formed Patient and Family Advisory Board, Hosted Scientific Symposium, Initiated Professional Outreach Under the "Serve" column, there are graphics for the following: Expanded webinar series, 120 questions, 15 countries, More than 5500 website visits, Launched Research survey Under the "Support" column, there are graphics for the following: Joined Global Genes rare disease organization, Published scientific Overview of the 2021 ANA Symposium, Formalized Collaborative relationships with vision for tomorrow and International WAGR Syndrome Association

2023 In Review & 2024 Strategic Plan

Thank you to all who supported and donated to ANA in 2023. Thanks to your support, great things were achieved! The ANA Board of Directors is looking forward to another great year in 2024.

The infographics below provide a snapshot of the accomplishments in 2023 and highlight some goals set for 2024.

Aniridia & Neuropsychology Survey – FAQs

Thank you for your interest in furthering aniridia research by filling out the Aniridia and Neuropsychology survey. Below are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this survey. What is “Neuropsychology?” Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between behavior, emotion, and the mind and their relationship to the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). …

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ANA to Host Biennial Scientific Symposium Dedicated to PAX6 and Aniridia

Charlottesville, VA  – Aniridia North America (ANA) announces its biennial scientific event to strengthen and expand research focused on aniridia and related problems. The 2023 Aniridia North America Symposium: PAX6, Aniridia, and Beyond will bring together top researchers from around the world for the presentation and discussion of innovative and often unpublished research at the …

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Hexagon with outlines of people

ANA Launches Patient and Family Advisory Board

ANA is pleased to announce the creation of a Patient and Family Advisory Board. The purpose of the ANA Patient and Family Advisory Board (PFAB) is to provide persons with aniridia and their family members a pathway to actively engage with ANA, identify opportunities for patient community engagement, and provide feedback from a patient perspective regarding …

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“Visual Acuity in Aniridia and WAGR Syndrome”

An article was recently published in the journal Clinical Ophthalmology regarding a new study comparing the visual acuity in aniridia vs. WAGR syndrome. Here is a plain language summary of the article, with a link to the full article below. Topic Overview Visual function varies greatly among persons with aniridia. Historically, the factors that determine …

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Background is a black wood grain that's intended to look like a desk. On the left are images of a computer, notepad, pencil and glasses that look like they are sitting on the desk. In the middle is the ANA logo, followed by text as follows: "Focal Point, Focus: Glaucoma, Part 2, Host: Janelle Collins, Guest: Dr. Peter Netland"

Focal Point – Episode 2 – Glaucoma in Aniridia, Part 2

Focal Point is a webinar series presented by Aniridia North America. This is the second episode, with a focus of Glaucoma in Aniridia. Dr. Peter Netland joins Janelle Collins to give an overview of Glaucoma and to answer a multitude of frequently asked questions that were not covered in episode 1.

Logo - Outline of an eye, with ANA in the middle and Aniridia North America underneath

Aniridia North America
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Aniridia North America is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States.

EIN: 86-2917141

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