ANA Joins Global Genes & Formalizes Partnerships

ANA recognizes that, in the rare disease community, we are stronger when working together with those who share common goals. As such, ANA aims to augment the efforts of, facilitate interaction between, and provide support for groups and organizations focused on aniridia-related problems, with an inclusive approach and meaningful engagement. Recently, ANA acted upon this vision by formalizing multiple strategic relationships.

Vision for Tomorrow

The Vision for Tomorrow foundation (VFT) and ANA have formalized their strategic relationship by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU affirms the shared goals and values between ANA and VFT to further awareness of aniridia, encourage and support research, and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.

Vision for Tomorrow, based out of Illinois in the USA, is committed to funding promising research on aniridia and albinism and supporting families affected by these challenging genetic conditions.VFT also seeks to empower people with low vision to have the confidence and ability to achieve their dreams.

International WAGR Syndrome Association

ANA and the International WAGR Syndrome Association (IWSA) have also formalized their working relationship by executing a MOU. This MOU addresses the spirit in which they will collaborate to further awareness of aniridia, encourage and support research, and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.

The mission of the IWSA is to promote awareness, stimulate research, and support families affected by WAGR spectrum disorder. The IWSA is comprised of an international network of families, health care professionals and researchers, and others who care for individuals with WAGR syndrome.

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"ANA Working toward 2023 Goals. "
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"Partner with Aniridia Groups" with an arrow pointing to the logos for Vision for Tomorrow and the IWSA. 
"Executied Memorandum of Understanding"
"these organizations share common values and goals
"Outreach to other organizations is underway"

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"Connect with Rare Disease Organizations" with an arrow pointing to the Global Genes logo 
"Joined the Global Genes Advocacy Alliance, a community of non-profit organizations that provides access to information and resources, connects researchers, clinicians, industry, and other stakeholders to share data and experiences, encourages patients and families to become effective advocates

Global Genes

As a member of the Global Genes Advocacy Alliance, ANA is part of a community of non-profit organizations who are committed to changing the way the world tackles rare diseases by collaborating to realize positive change. The Advocacy Alliance community works together to improve access to information and resources, connect to researchers, clinicians, industry, government, and other stakeholders, to share data and experience, and to encourage rare disease patients and families to become effective advocates on their own behalf.

Outreach Continues

Work is underway to reach to out to other North American and international aniridia groups, as well as other rare disease organizations. If your organization wishes to explore collaboration with ANA, please send a message via the Contact Us form on this website.

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