ANA Launches Patient and Family Advisory Board

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ANA is pleased to announce the creation of a Patient and Family Advisory Board.

The purpose of the ANA Patient and Family Advisory Board (PFAB) is to provide persons with aniridia and their family members a pathway to actively engage with ANA, identify opportunities for patient community engagement, and provide feedback from a patient perspective regarding the plans, activities, and patient-oriented materials and programs of ANA.

The Patient and Family Advisory Board is drawn from the following groups in the North American aniridia community:

  • Persons with aniridia (“patients”)
  • Family members of persons with aniridia
  • Official representatives from partner and stakeholder organizations
  • ANA Board of Directors

The inaugural PFAB consists of the following members:

  • Gabriela Abdo
  • Grace Ball
  • Grayson Chinn
  • Janelle Collins
  • Rosalyn Fast
  • Barbara Gala
  • Shari Krantz
  • Adison Lemmon
  • Justin Nelson
  • Michael Schain
  • Kelly Trout
  • Susan Wolfe

For more information, see the Patient and Family Advisory Board page.

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