2023 In Review & 2024 Strategic Plan

Thank you to all who supported and donated to ANA in 2023. Thanks to your support, great things were achieved! The ANA Board of Directors is looking forward to another great year in 2024.

The infographics below provide a snapshot of the accomplishments in 2023 and highlight some goals set for 2024.

2023 In Review

Infographic with title: 2023 In Review and ANA logo
Under the "Represent" column are graphics for the following:  Formed Patient and Family Advisory Board, Hosted Scientific Symposium, Initiated Professional Outreach

Under the "Serve" column, there are graphics for the following:  Expanded webinar series, 120 questions, 15 countries, More than 5500 website visits, Launched Research survey

Under the "Support" column, there are graphics for the following:  
Joined Global  Genes rare disease organization, Published scientific Overview of the 2021 ANA Symposium, Formalized Collaborative relationships with vision for tomorrow and International WAGR Syndrome Association

2024 Strategic Plan

Title says "Strategic Plan 2024" with the ANA logo

Mission:  Represent, serve and support the North American community of persons affected by aniridia and their families, patient advocacy organizations, and clinicians and scientists

There are graphics to represent the following things:  
Launch EYEris patient registry, Increase outreach to North American countries
Extend professional outreach
Disseminate Information about Aniridia
Expand Focal point webinars
Advance International collaborations

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